We’re Excited To Announce Our Very 1st Non – Profit!

Our Mission Is To Raise Money & Support To Families In Need Through Charitable Contributions & Various Events.

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Compassion, Community & Resilience Are The Core Pillars Of Our Ethos.


Our Vision Is To Make An Impact On Families That Are Struggling With Sickness Or Disease Both Financially, Physically & Mentally.

Story Behind A1 Cares….

In the intersection of business and philanthropy lies a profound opportunity for impact. Vincent and John, the entrepreneurial minds behind A1 Roofing, have long harbored a vision that transcends the mere construction of shelters. Their aspiration? To erect a bastion of hope through their non-profit, A1 Cares.

A1 Cares isn’t just another corporate social responsibility checkbox. It’s a testament to a deeply ingrained ethos of giving back. By channeling their success into local and global causes, from St. Jude Children’s Hospital to Breast Cancer awareness and Autism support, they’re leveraging their business acumen for a higher purpose.

The strategy is simple yet powerful: host local fundraisers to not only bolster these charities financially but also amplify their messages.

This dual approach could create a ripple effect, inspiring other businesses to follow suit.

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