Commercial flat roof snow removal

Why You Should Remove Snow From Your Flat Roof

As flat roofs are the leading style of commercial roofing, it’s important for business owners to understand a flat roof’s maintenance needs. One factor to note is that snow accumulates on your flat roof when the winter months come along. Snow and ice weigh down the roof, negatively impacting the strength of the roofing system. 

You may think that the snow will melt and the problem will resolve itself, but as the sun melts the snow, the accumulated water becomes even heavier and more burdensome on your roof structure. In addition, when temperatures drop again, the pooled water changes back to ice. The snow can take weeks in a cycle of freezing and thawing to melt and evaporate from your roof entirely. 

Hiring a commercial roofing company for snow removal on your building’s roof can make a world of difference to the health of your roof. The contractors will have the safety training and equipment to clear the roof in icy conditions and reduce the strain. Instead of allowing the heavy snow to remain on your roof for weeks while you await the freeze-thaw cycle, let a trusted contractor take care of it before the snow and ice cause further issues. At A1 Roofing, our experienced commercial roofing team has extensive knowledge and practice in performing winter commercial flat roof maintenance safely and efficiently. Reach out to us to learn more.

The Effects of Snow on a Flat Roof

When it comes to winter maintenance, a flat roof differs from a slanted roof in that on a flat roof, the snow does not slide down the roof onto the ground. Instead, it stays on the surface, weighing it down until the snow melts on a sunny winter day. Without proper maintenance, this can cause a plethora of issues. Take precautions with your business’s flat roof this winter to avoid the following risks.

Drainage Issues

Choosing not to remove snow from your roof can have serious drainage consequences. Even as the snow melts, the water does not run down the roof to the gutters like on a slanted roof. Instead, the water pools and can cause sagging in the middle of the roof structure due to excess weight. 

Even if you have clear gutters ready to drain the water, the flat structure does not provide a route for the water to make its way to the gutters. If the water pools in the middle of the roof, it may freeze again before draining. The water that finds its way into cracks expands as it freezes and magnifies a minor problem into an issue that requires fixing. 

Ice Dams

Ice dams are created from melting snow causing water to accumulate around the gutters and edges of the roof. On a flat-roofed building, that water freezes before it drains. Suddenly, the heaviest ice blocks form around your gutters and drains, causing damage and detachment from the building. 

The edges of your roof can also incur snow damage from the ice dams. Anytime you leave snow and ice on a flat roof, the structure is vulnerable to significant harm. 

Roof May Collapse

The extra weight of the snow is enough to cause a roof collapse. When you think about all the weight that occurs from 6 inches of snow combined with melting water that re-freezes into ice, you can imagine why a roof collapse is not out of the realm of possibility when the proper precautions and maintenance are not followed. 

The snow affects the integrity of your flat roof, requiring commercial roof snow removal to take the pressure off the surface. The moment that you see signs of a roof leak, it’s too late. The damage is already done. Prevent flat roof leaks by hiring a team for commercial roof snow removal. 

The Importance of Removing the Snow from Your Flat Roof

Of course, you can find a snow remover and take care of the snow accumulation on your commercial flat roof on your own. However, keep in mind that any damage caused to the roof in the process is your responsibility. 

On the other hand, when you hire commercial roof snow removal services, the roofing experts will know exactly how to take care of the roof and ice problem without damaging the structure. Safety is the top priority of A1 Roofing, and our expertise and insurance lend themselves to a safe snow removal process. If any cracks are discovered in the process, you have a team of roofing experts on the job to take care of a leak before it causes significant damage to the structure. 

Look for early signs to determine that it’s time for commercial roof snow removal: 

  • Bowing beams or walls
  • Cracks in the ceiling
  • Large chunks of ice falling from the rooftop
  • Huge icicles forming along the edges of the building

Go for prevention rather than having to replace your damaged roof altogether. Commercial roof snow removal is always the best way to protect your flat roof in the winter. 

A1 Roofing Can Help with Commercial Roof Snow Removal

Do you have a flat roof on your commercial building? A1 Roofing can take the guesswork out of your commercial roof snow removal. If you are worried about the effects of the weight of snow on your flat roof this winter, it’s time to do something about it. Hire a commercial roofing contractor you can trust for commercial roof snow removal to maintain the quality of your roof. 

A1 Roofing works with each building manager to schedule times to come out after each snowfall. Depending on the weather, you may need our services only a few times each winter. Know that our contractors will show up on time and get your roof cleared off before the weight of the snow affects it too much. Reduce costs in the future by signing up for regular commercial roof snow removal.